WCRA DY Qualifier Series (QS) Events

Select age-restricted (youth) events (rodeos and jackpots) hosted by WCRA and/or an approved event producer will be designated as a WCRA DY Qualifier Series event.

Winning a DY Qualifier Series event is paramount for the athlete.

  1. The highest placing nominated athlete at a DY Qualifier Series event earns a generic qualification to the 2023 World Championship event regardless of Segment DY23 leaderboard position
  2. Athletes may earn one (1) generic qualification. If an athlete is the highest nominated athlete at more than one QS event, we will drop down to the next highest placed nominated athlete to award the generic qualification at those events.

Each Qualifier Series event will also feature VRQ Expanded Points in any/all paid rounds of competition

  1. The Expanded Points feature provides opportunities for more athletes to earn valuable DY23 leaderboard points.
  2. Expanded points format events will award VRQ points beyond the final paid position in a round or aggregate up to 20 positions, in paid rounds of competition. Athletes must have recorded a qualified time in a round of competition to earn VRQ points.

Athlete must voluntarily nominate the Qualifier Series event to be eligible to earn a generic

qualification to the 2023 World Championship event.

  1. Qualifier Series events will be a minimum of DY2 in the VRQ.

DY23 Qualifier Series events can be found at: https://dy.rodeo/events/


Cinch World Championship Junior Rodeo presented by Montana Silversmiths at the fabulous Lazy E Arena