WCRA DY is a year-long leaderboard race of rodeo events worldwide, culminating at the World Championship Junior Rodeo (WCJR). The 2024 World Finals event will have over $200,000 in added money and will take place in Guthrie, OK, at the Lazy E Arena July 23-27. The 2023 event paid out more than $407,000.

Athletes can qualify by nominating their rodeo efforts and earning points for the WCRA DY leaderboard positions using the VRQ (Virtual Rodeo Qualifier). Athletes can nominate their rodeo efforts until Sunday, June 23, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. to nominate and earn points. The top 16 on the leaderboard will qualify for the event with no entry fees.


View the 2024 TENTATIVE WCJR Schedule

  • What is the start time for each day?
    • This will be determined once we have the final entries.  No specific discipline start times will be given for timed events other than the first discipline of the day.
    • Timed Event Qualifying Rounds will start at a designated time each day.  Once entries are closed the order of disciplines per day in each arena will be determined.  There will be 15-minute breaks between disciplines.
    • Riding Event Qualifying Rounds will have an estimated start time designated to be determined once entries have closed.
  • Do you know the order of disciplines per day?
    • Barrel Racing will be the first discipline in their arena for each Qualifying Round.
    • The order for the remainder disciplines will be determined based on the total entries and estimated amount of time needed to complete the round.  This is due to having 2 arenas and trying to make sure event staff, athletes and equipment needs don’t overlap.
    • If for any reason athletes are doubled up, we will determine priority arena based on the circumstances per athlete.
  • Do you know what arena a discipline will be in?
    • Barrel Racing and Riding Events will be in the main arena.  All other disciplines will be determined based on total entries and the amount of time needed to complete the round.
  • When will the full event schedule be available?
    • General event information – check in, estimated open arena time, etc. will be provided end of June(ish)
    • Competition schedule and order of disciplines – July 11.